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About Us

Articles about J. Darin Thomas Technology LLC and our staff.

Business technology is essential. Technology is complicated. J. Darin Thomas Technology LLC was formed in November 2013 to help small businesses find the best solutions to the business technology puzzle. Our goal is to provide small business leaders with a better way to use business technology for their advantage.

Before opening J. Darin Thomas Technology LLC, Joseph "Darin" Thomas Sr. was CIO at Dale E Peterson Vacations, where he had worked since 2001. Darin grew up with computers during the early pc days of the 80's. While working for a local radio station in the early 90's he witnessed the transformations in audio editing ushered in by ever more powerful computer workstations. Since the mid 90's he has owned a wedding entertainment business that uses cutting edge technology to provide music and light shows for wedding, proms, and other functions. In the late 90's he opened and ran a web development company.

Jacksonville, Florida

Destin, Florida