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HL: Cloud Collaboration Takes Your Organization to the Next Level


Putting your church, nonprofit, or missionary’s technology on the cloud allows you to expand digitally and access advanced features you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. The cloud keeps your network safer, working faster, and enhancing features—all while improving your performance overall.


We specialize in putting organizations like yours onto Google Workspace™, a cloud-based productivity tool that’s designed for IT advancement. In fact, we are avid users of new features on the platform. Your organization will not only benefit from our experience, but also avoid any pain points with implementing new features. 


Here’s our onboarding process:


  1. We will guide you through the registration process, specifically for nonprofits. This allows you to get discounts on Google Workspace™ and receive $10,000 monthly in Google™ Ad grants for in-kind advertising on text ads. 
  2. Our experts will plan your organization’s implementation of Google Workspace™—including which version, how to best use Google Drive™, and set up advanced features of Gmail™ and Calendar™.
  3. Using safe and protected practices, we will migrate your organization’s data to the platform—including mail migration, document migration and conversion, and drive security/permissions setup.


Jacksonville, Florida

Destin, Florida