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Technology Assessment


Give Your Organization a Checkup!


Do you have a complete picture of your organization’s operations? For most things in life, preparation is the key to success. How can you plan your journey of growth if you don’t know where you are? The digital journey is no different. You wouldn't build a house without surveying the lot first. Bigger buildings require geological surveying, and even surveying the surrounding landowners and government for permits and approval. Your organization's digital growth needs to follow a similar process. 


Our assessments are thorough, complete, and comprehensive. Not only do they involve hardware and software, but also people and their hard and soft skills. This type of insight gives you an understanding of what condition your church, non-profit, or missionary is in, and how to push it to where you want it to be. Speak with one of our technicians to find out whether you’re a good candidate or not. 


How will a Technology Assessment benefit your organization?

-Learn where your organization stands 

-Plan effective improvements for identified problems

-Future-proof your organization, i.e., prepare it to take advantage of disruptive technology

-Discover weak spots in leadership and employment 

-Strengthen your organization’s technological foundation


What is Included in the Technology Assessment?


-Leadership surveys and interviews to assess engagement, importance of technology, business plan and how technology integrates in your organization 

-Employee surveys and interviews to determine engagement, resistance to change, pain points, technical skills training, and ongoing training program availability

-Tools to measure the infrastructure, hardware, and software for inventory, deployment/usage, maintenance history, and security

-Research of competition’s use of technology 


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