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Fully Managed Services


Get Live IT Support Whenever You Need It


Using top tier talent and top shelf technology, our team is here to provide your church, nonprofit, or missionary with valuable IT services 24/7. We believe trust is paramount, and that’s why security is built into everything we offer and everything we do. 


We’ve carefully screened our products and services to ensure they meet, or exceed HIPPA, PCI, DSS, and other industry standards. This gives you peace of mind that your IT management is being done properly and accurately. All of our product lines are evolving to meet new needs as your church, nonprofit, or missionary grows. 


Quarterly Audits and Planning Sessions

When thinking of audits and planning sessions, finances might be the first thing that comes to mind. However, while it’s important to review and strategize for monetary reasons, technology is just as important. Working with one of our IT advisors, you can audit your organization's technology and plan for the best way to continue operations using that information. These audits will give you the insight you need to create clear, effective strategies for the management of your technology. 


Monitoring and Management

Monitoring and managing your organization's IT systems is a full-time job. Letting someone else do it for you not only streamlines operations, but allows members to focus on serving your purpose. Examining your hardware, software, networks, and security, we will take responsibility for complete control over your IT operations with 24/7 monitoring and management. We cover all bases, so you receive service that evenly distributes time and attention to all of the technology you rely on. 


Backup and Disaster Recovery

Your IT systems are full of valuable information that is vital to your organization. A catastrophic system failure could permanently lose or delete this data. With our Business Continuity Solution, your network is automatically backed up to a virtual server every 15 minutes. This means in times of emergency, your network can be revived and files will be restored in just a matter of minutes. Keep your technology safe with our maintenance-free, budget-friendly recovery solution.  


24/7 Security

Security is of the utmost importance for any organization’s technology. From malware and viruses to hacking and financial information theft, your system is at constant risk without the right protection. When you enlist our security services, one of our support technicians will perform manual supervision while our state-of-the-art software runs 24/7 monitoring. On top of that, we will install the latest, most advanced security software to protect your organization automatically at all times.  


Vendor Management

On top of having proper IT management for your organization, it’s also important to know the equipment and technology you need. With our vendor management services, you’ll get assistance with identifying parts of your organization’s technology that are in need of repair or replacement. This allows you to make smart decisions on the best investments for maintaining an efficient, top-producing IT system. 


Onsite Field Service

While remote IT support is a convenient option for everyday problems, sometimes on-site services are necessary. Whether it’s equipment installation or resolving a complex system failure, we’re prepared to help. After you reach out, we’ll send one of our certified support technicians to the physical location of your organization. Once there, we’ll assess your situation and carry out the services you need.

Each one of these products are a part of our all-inclusive service. No matter what kind of IT support you need, we meet those requirements and then some. By taking management to the next level, these additional, beneficial services ensure that your technology is performing at maximum efficiency, maintaining up-to-date health, and evolving with your competitors. At the end of the day, our goal is to provide every non-profit, church, or missionary we serve top-level services to continue accomplishing their mission.    

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